“komebukuro” tea travel bag

A komebukuro is a traditional Japanese rice pouch. It was used for carrying rice to the temples as a sacrifice. The rice and the meal had the same symbolic meaning.

Those drawstring pouches were sewn from scraps of fabrics, often dyed with the indigo – a natural blue dye extracted from the plant called true indigo / Indigofera tinctoria. Japanese traditions of decorating and upcycling fabrics go very deep into the past, and their richness is one of the source of my inspirations.

Safe tea travel pouch allows you to enjoy your tea wherever you want.

Darninas komebukuro is a combination of a traditional form with a new purpose. It’s made with empathy toward delicate things. Designed as a protective case for delicate tea ceramics. Filled with two layers of soft cotton quilt wadding and equipped with additional fabric liners – for better protection and separation of tea travel set elements.

Great companion for gongfu lovers, especially those who appreciate the tea ritual in nature. Safely and aesthetically protects fragile teaware luggage such as gaiwan, cup, teapot or shiboridashi.

Each one is unique, made of natural plant-dyed fabrics and hand-embroidered with subtile motifs.

chabu – tea runner

Chabu is a unique tea cloth – the tea runner, which is like a frame for the moment of gongfu tea ceremony. I don’t want chabu to distract from the tea. It would rather outline the space, help to arrange teaware and other elements to perfect chaxi – tea stage for gongfu tea.

The organic, raw character of linen will outline clay and glaze of teaware.

In the process of natural dyeing, I search for dark colours that I extract from plants rich in tannins such as oak, black alder, vinegar sumac or oak galls. I follow a multi-staps dyeing process, using natural vegan protein stains and traditional dyeing mordants.

Everywhene for the chabu I choose the most noble antique linens with a thick weave and a distinct texture. I like to highlight old darnings, hand-stitched edges and other marks of nameless hands from the past.