the natural dye workshop

During the natural dyeing workshop, I show that the world of natural colours is at your fingertips.

What seasonal plants usable for dyers you can easily recognize and gather close to you? How to prepare fibers to achieve stable and bright colour? In this workshop you will learn the basic informations necessary at the beginning of the natural dyeing adventure.

Each of my workshop is connected with the nature cycle of the year. We work with local plants, so you can easily recreate the natural-dyeing process on your own.

We work with natural fibers – samples, yarn or our own clothes. We experiment with cteative fabric decoration and manipulation techniques.

There are so many posibilities!

repair workshop – visible mending

Every hole is a new beginning, because every hole can be patched. We are not afraid of colors, and we have nothing to hide. Let our darnings be visible and expressive.

The repair workshop is a review of creative clothing alterations and repairs. The visible mending, embroidery, patching, all using second-hand materials.

Let’s mend together, to stop the circle of fast fashion, and take care of our holes.

Let our patches be as colorful as possible, so that they proudly display the history of out garment and show our attachment to our favorite clothes.

hand embroidery workshop

Let’s learn embroidery together! It’s a proven idea for an up close and personal meeting in a (not only) female group.

During the workshop, we release creative blocks and start a new adventure with the art of hand embroidery.

We learn the secrets of this traditional way of decorating fabrics with threads and the needle. We try our hand at basic stitches to slowly build confidence and proficiency in embroidery art.