tailoring connected with nature


natural dyes

safe teaware

My name is Weronika

I am a seamstress with close relations to the plant kingdom: linen, tea and dye plants.

I trully believe that all craftsmanship grows out of the environment, intertwines with the nature. Hence the choice of natural linen fibers and local dyeing plants.

I teach

Are you organizing a project and looking for a close to nature, plant-based workshop offer for groups?

Are you curious about how to dye fabric or yarn with plants?

I would be happy to show you that natural dyeing process is intuitive and available to everyone. I can show you how to bring out the colors from the immediate surroundings, in every season of the year.

Are you looking for inspiring activities with an ecological background? I present sewing techniques, with an emphasis on upcycling idea. I show how to creatively remake, repair and mend clothes or decorate fabrics.

I have experience of working with cultural institutions, craft studios and artists.


I received your package today and thank you very much for it! I am still in awe of these natural colors and fabric choices of yours. I look forward to your work. They are full of calming energy. Thank you very much!

Dear Veronica, you are as strong as Niagara Falls! It is woven into your colored canvases… Your work is very inspiring and smells like walnuts and apples!

Jiří Duchek – @keramicy.dvur

I come back to Veronica’s sewing projects many times. They have a beauty that comes from the simplicity and what is very important to me – they complete the flow of things. Excellent plant dyeing, always visible structure of the fabric used, beautiful stitching. I take it in my hand, in my backpack, and I follow a story about the respect with which precious materials used to be treated. It’s good for your hands, eyes and spirit. I try to buy only #thingsforlife, and each of the darninas pouches is just like that. A thing for life.

Agnieszka  @s.i.g.a.s.i.g.a.

I received the stuffed animals you made for me and they are just SO BEAUTIFUL! I almost don’t want to give them to my nephews and keep them on my own! Thank you again.