natural-dyeing and sewing studio in Poland

My name is Weronika.

I surround myself with herbs.

I dye antique linen pieces with plants from Beskids meadows and forests. I live and work in a small studio in Męcina, in the old wooden house. I create natural colours extracted from plants: their leaves, stems, flowers, cones, seeds and roots.

I gather plants locally – in the Beskid forests, in the meadows and rushes, at the riversides. I like to harvest roadside plants. I cultivate a sustainable and balanced approach to plant gathering. I collect as many of them as I am able to use myself in the studio or use with you during the workshops.

I trully believe that all craftsmanship grows out of the environment, intertwines with the nature. Hence the choice of natural linen fibers and local dyeing plants.

It is not and never will be a mass production.

In the creative process , I give myself a lot of freedom, I allow myself to improvise, to be in the moment and to cooperate freely with all elements. I follow my intuition, I don’t dye with a watch in my hand. I get to know the diversity hidden in nature. Thanks to this, the fabrics dyed by me are unique.

I share with you what I get from plants.

I choose linen

I prefer to work with linen with a story behind. I search for antique hand-woven linen, grain bags, cloths and rags from other eras, old sheets, tablecloths, napkins. I discover them anew. I introduce them to plants, thanks to which they take on completely new colours and context. In this way, I implement the ideas of upcycling and zero-waste, which are important to me.

I design and sew linen accessories, clothes and mascots – in harmony with nature, myself and tailoring craft.

I celebrate tea

Discovering the diversity of one special plant – the tea, camellia sinensisis my mindfulness practice. It makes me think back to that one moment. It directs attention to the questions: where am I? what I feel? who is next to me? I perceive taste, smell, temperature, touch. It is contact with all the elements. I am seduced by the ritual nature of the gongfu tea ceremony – alone and with another person.

What I value the most is the pleasure of learning about the tea in nature. Safe pouches for ceramics were created as a response to the need of me and my tea friends – how to take beautiful and fragile tea ceramics outdoor?