project bag “komebukuro” – spruce


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Drawstring pouch in the form of a flower with six petals. Inspired by komebukuro – a traditional Japanese rice pouch. This pouch was created as project bag for knitters and crocheters and their yarn crafts, but it will also work out in other purposes.

Made with empathy toward things.

Hand embroidered with plant-dyed floss. Made of antique linen and cotton fabrics submitted to a multi-step natural dyeing proces.

Dyed by hands with dyes extracted from plants:

  • european spruce / picea abies

Komebukuro pouch is filled with two layers of soft cotton quilt wadding and and equipped with additional pocket inside. It will work as a project bag, protective case for camera lens, or safe travel pouch for ceramics.

Base diameter – 13 cm Height – 13 cm

Naturally dyed fabrics are delicate. Colors may change slightly over time and subsequent washes. They should be washed by hand, with delicate detergents. Keep them out from direct sunlight.