linen chabu tea runner – walnut


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Chabu is a unique tea cloth – the tea runner, which is like a frame for the moment of gongfu tea ceremony. This one is hand made of raw antique handwoven linen piece, submitted to a multi-step natural dyeing proces. The original raw running stitch on the fabric edge speaks to the long history of this item. It’s also decoratively embroidered with a floss naturally dyed in the bark of an apple tree.

Deep green color with organic irregularities will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the tea ceramics.

I don’t want chabu to distract from the tea. It would rather outline the space, help to arrange teaware and other elements to perfect chaxi – tea stage for gongfu tea.

Dyed by hands with dyes extracted from plants:

  • english walnut / juglans regia
  • apple tree / malus domestica

Dimensions: 54 x 22 cm

Naturally dyed fabrics are delicate. Colors may change slightly over time and subsequent washes. They should be washed by hand, with delicate detergents. Keep them out from direct sunlight.