“komebukuro” tea travel pouch – apple & onion, sumac


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Handmade travel pouch for your tea and tea accessories. Made of plant-dyed vintage fabrics. Inspired by komebukuro – a traditional Japanese rice pouche. Made with love for tea and herbs.

A protective pouch with a round bottom, finished in the form of a flower with six petals. Hand embroidered with plant-dyed floss. Made of antique linen and cotton fabrics submitted to a multi-step natural dyeing process.


  • apple tree / malus domestica
  • common onion / allium cepa
  • staghorn sumac / rhus typhina

Designed as a protective case for delicate tea ceramics. Filled with two layers of soft cotton quilt wadding and equipped with additional fabric liners – for better protection and separation of tea travel set elements. Great companion for gong fu cha lovers, especially those who appreciate the tea ritual in nature. Safely and aesthetically protects fragile teaware luggage such as gaiwan, cup, teapot or shiboridashi.

Made for your safe tea travels.

Dimensions: :
base diameter – 13 cm
height – 13 cm

I mostly use vintage materials and some of them are pieces of rare hand-woven antique linen fabric.

Naturally dyed fabrics are delicate. Colors may change slightly over time and subsequent washes. They should be washed by hand, with delicate detergents. Keep them out from direct sunlight.